Europe Is Football
Drive Up To Victory

Europe Is Football

Drive Up To Victory

GrandZ’s Score Race Is On 

Ready for the competition that will boost the European summer? Gear up for an action-packed month filled with thrilling predictions, fantastic rewards, and exclusive tournaments.

GrandZ Casino is hosting a thrilling event for all football enthusiasts. From 14 June to 14 July , test your predictive abilities and win incredible prizes!

Here’s what you can expect on every stage:

Guess the Winner

Predict the winning team for the big European tournament using our special pop-up that will appear once for you during the promotional period. For your vote to be counted, make at least one deposit during the campaign period (14 June - 14 July). Each subsequent deposit grants you an extra ticket for the final prize draw.

Prizes: PS5, Gift Cards, Bonus Money, Free Spins.

First prize: PlayStation 5

Exciting Tournaments

Join the exclusive tournaments designed to enhance your summer excitement and luck. Participate and boost your chances of winning!

Mark your calendar, make your deposits, and get ready to score big with GrandZ Casino’s Europe Is Football event. Participate now and drive up to victory!

a*********[email protected]      PlayStation 5
p*********[email protected]       100 € Gift Card
z*********[email protected]      100 € Gift Card
m*********[email protected]      100 € Gift Card
g*********[email protected]      100 € Gift Card
r*********[email protected]       20 € Bonus Money (x10)
r*********[email protected]      20 € Bonus Money (x10)
s*********[email protected]      20 € Bonus Money (x10)
a*********[email protected]      20 € Bonus Money (x10)
m*********[email protected]      20 € Bonus Money (x10)
r*********[email protected]       20 € Bonus Money (x10)
b*********[email protected]       20 € Bonus Money (x10)
s*********[email protected]       20 € Bonus Money (x10)
s*********[email protected]       20 € Bonus Money (x10)
j*********[email protected]       20 € Bonus Money (x10)
a*********[email protected]        100 FS (x20)
p*********[email protected]       100 FS (x20)
m*********[email protected]       100 FS (x20)
l*********[email protected]        100 FS (x20)
d*********[email protected]        100 FS (x20)
d*********[email protected]        100 FS (x20)
p*********[email protected]        100 FS (x20)
j*********[email protected]        100 FS (x20)
s*********[email protected]        100 FS (x20)
m*********[email protected]        100 FS (x20)

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