Find a comfortable position, fasten your seatbelt, and prepare for a long drive with us!

Exclusive bonuses hide at every corner of every street, in every city, in every state, on every continent…

How to join the Journey around the world?

You become qualified to embark on the Journey around the world with the first bet you place in GrandZ casino. Continue playing and betting and follow the road up to success!

What is the Loyalty World Trip?

You will pass through 5 bewitching destinations mentioned on the map above. You must reach them all if you want to feel the magic of the race: Europeana/ Africana/ Oceana/ Asiana/ Americana.

How to move on in the Journey around the world?

• It depends on how loyally you play with us. The more you bet, the more points you get and the farther you appear on the road! Fill your reservoir with points to go ahead!

• You will receive 1 point for each €100 wagered. IMPORTANT: only bets in real funds will be valid.

You can reach a few levels in one day, but remember that only one can be activated daily.

For example, if you reach 3 levels on Monday, you can activate the 1st on Tuesday and the 2nd on Wednesday.

Then, you must wait until Thursday to activate the 3rd level.

• Rewards are granted as playable funds (Bonuses, Free Spins).

• You can level up several times a day, but you can only activate one prize at a time. You will be informed via e-mail when it’s time to move on to the next destination.